Based on HubSpot’s recent findings, it is clear that the Internet marketing industry continues to evolve. As businesses continue to look for ways to increase their exposure, they must also find new and innovative ways in which to get their message across. One of the latest trends that has emerged in this industry is the integration of social media into a company’s overall marketing plan. HubSpot’s research reveals that companies who use social media in conjunction with an effective marketing automation platform stand to benefit the most. According to HubSpot:

according to hubspot

Today’s online market is flooded with numerous tools that serve as free marketing strategies. However, very few tools can claim to have the ability to draw in as many customers as social media marketing tools. This is because this medium has proven to be effective in drawing in many potential customers. Its ability to connect people through sharing allows companies to make their products known to millions of people. Therefore, companies that rely on social media to improve their brand value stand to gain many benefits. HubSpot’s research revealed that the following reasons are the top reasons why companies use this strategy in conjunction with their online marketing strategy.

Inbound CRM Tools: As more companies look to streamline their business processes, including email marketing is becoming increasingly important. The process of email marketing can encompass both the internal processes and the external processes of a company. Email marketing allows companies to build customer relations and increase sales. In order to effectively streamline this process, it is necessary for companies to have access to tools that allow them to analyze the data received from email marketing campaigns. With Inbound CRM, such capabilities become available to the company.

Analytics: Many marketers understand the importance of accessing analytics when inbound and using it to identify opportunities and threats. By accessing analytics, marketers are able to see what actions are resulting in the most results. Furthermore, such information allows marketers to identify which actions generate the most revenue. Using the HubSpot tool, marketers are able to see which activities result in the most leads as well as which are costing them money.

Improved Landing Pages: In addition to using the Google Analytics Content Detail and Overview, marketers should also take advantage of the information provided by Google Analytics Landing Pages. The Landing Pages dashboard provides details regarding where visitors came in from as well as where they left off. This dashboard makes it possible for a company to identify which landing pages are effective and which ones aren’t. If a company has a great landing page for a particular campaign but is not converting with email marketing automation, they should make changes accordingly.

Inbound SEO and Content Creation: According to HubSpot, one of the best ways for a business to increase the number of inbound links and organic traffic is through selecting the right keywords. Because so many businesses are focusing on online marketing automation, many are selecting text-link-spinning services. The way that HubSpot determines the most relevant keywords is based on an internal system of analyzing different keyword combinations. Because this service is offered in a paid manner, a business can focus on content creation and other areas of their online presence while their SEO tools are under control. The ability to effectively create and maintain multiple websites simultaneously gives them the opportunity to increase their brand’s online presence and drive more sales.