what is search engine marketing

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

If you are new to the World Wide Web and haven’t yet grasped the concept of what is search engine marketing, it would be better for you to first go over the basics of this concept and how it works. In this article you will get to learn what is search engine marketing, how search engines work, and some of the benefits you can get from this technique. Reading this article will help you understand what this technique can do for your business and increase your profits.

Search engine marketing is basically a type of Internet advertising that involves the marketing of websites through search engines mainly through paid advertisements. It is considered one of the most effective ways of garnering more traffic to your site because search engines are capable of searching the web for websites and rank them based on various factors including relevance, quality of content and keywords used for optimization purposes. This is the most efficient way of getting your website listed in top rankings and that is why it is considered to be a highly cost effective way of advertising.

Search engine marketing works by placing your advertisements on top positions at the top spots of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The placement of your ads largely determines the ranking of your site. This is one of the reasons why the cost for online ads is quite high. Companies spend millions of dollars a year just to place their ads on top positions in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Search engine advertising can provide huge benefits especially when it comes to increasing targeted traffic and improving conversion rates. There are two basic ways of achieving targeted traffic and this is through pay per click and cost per impression. With pay per click, you only pay whenever someone clicks on your advertisement. For example, if your site only gets hundred clicks each day, you will only get billed for one thousandth time. On the other hand, with a cost per impression, you will be billed every time somebody clicks on your ad.

Another advantage of search marketing over traditional online marketing strategies is that it is highly cost effective. Traditional marketing may require a company to purchase ads placed on websites or pay for advertising on television. This is where search marketing plays a huge factor as it costs less and attracts more traffic.

To optimize campaigns, companies often use techniques like keyword research, link building, and paid placements. Keyword research aims at providing information on what keywords are searched frequently. In link building, you create back links to your web pages. Paid placements happen when you place your ad on another web page that relates to your product. Finally, paid listings are the most commonly used strategy that helps companies get top rankings in the popular search engines. This type of marketing is most commonly used to attract traffic from the major engines.