What is the marketing strategy? Marketing strategy is a forward-looking, long-term approach to any company or any industry with the primary aim of attaining a sustainable competitive edge by understanding the desires and needs of customers. Marketing strategies are used to identify opportunities and to promote products and services. Marketing strategies are generally adopted to reach out to the consumer, while sales strategies are used to drive sales and maximize revenue.

what is marketing stratergy

Marketing strategies help companies respond to the changing demands and tastes of their customers. Marketing is one of the most important components of the whole sales process. Marketing strategies are designed and implemented to promote and sell new products and services to customers. They include features such as advertising, branding, distribution, selling, and promotion. There are various kinds of marketing strategies, and each of these is geared towards meeting the requirements and goals of a particular company or product.

Advertising, as the name suggests, is the key activity of marketing. It is the first step that catches the attention of the consumer, who then has a keen interest in whatever is being offered. In the past, however, the practice of advertising relied heavily on newspaper advertisements. Today, due to the highly competitive market and fast-paced lifestyle of most people, internet advertising is among the most preferred methods.

A marketing strategy, therefore, should be tailored to match the product’s specifications, market conditions, and target audience. The marketing plan should be carefully balanced to take into consideration not only the product’s attributes but also the target audience, to whom the product will be targeted. Also, the marketing plan should have a well-defined management process to ensure that all goals are being met. All the important decision factors, such as the pricing strategy, the promotion strategy, the research and development strategy, and the sales strategy should be carefully laid out and thoroughly discussed with the stakeholders.

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