what is guerilla marketing

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

A quick search on the Internet will reveal what is guerilla marketing. Descriptionguerilla marketing is an advertising approach in which a business applies unconventional and/or surprise interactions with the target audience in order to advertise a new product or service. In guerilla marketing, the phrase refers to the use of unconventional and sometimes difficult methods in order for an ad to be more effective. The term was inspired by Jay Conrad Levinson`s 1984 book Guerilla Marketing. The book discusses the importance of unconventional as well as risky advertising strategies.

What is guerilla marketing? This type of marketing involves using any methods that are less likely to conform to conventional marketing practices, which in turn, creates an impact. There are times when this impact is not immediately noticeable. Nevertheless, the effect can be great as the result can be a new customer base, increased sales, and new customers who keep returning to the company. This is especially important if the company is new. However, the impact may only be short lived.

What is guerilla marketing? In the past, many marketing strategies were fashioned after guerilla tactics by traditional marketing gurus. These marketing techniques usually have one objective, to cause as much damage as possible to the competitors. The companies behind these types of marketing campaigns rarely reveal their plans. However, by observing how they operate, you can pick up on some common characteristics.

One of the most important characteristics of guerilla marketing is the aim to test the boundaries of what is considered the norm. Most businesses follow what is accepted by the market. However, the goal of this marketing technique is to cause enough damage that the customers will stop buying from the company in question. Thus, the aim is to create negative publicity for the company, and then eventually turn the tide of the game. In order to accomplish this, the marketing team makes sure to test new products, offers, and websites.

Another characteristic is the destruction of the customer base. Most traditional marketing techniques focus mainly on attracting new customers and keeping the existing customers happy. However, guerilla marketing takes this to the extreme. The purpose of this strategy is not to keep existing customers but to completely destroy the existing customer base. In fact, many marketing gurus even state that you should never do business with any company that will not be willing to completely destroy its previous customers. They will not only destroy the relationships with existing customers but will also lose potential customers.

The last characteristic to what is guerilla marketing is the strategy itself. This strategy is one that involves a low cost and an extremely high risk. These characteristics are what make guerilla marketing so dangerous and effective at the same time.