which of the following is not part of the social media marketing planning cycle

Many marketers fail to establish clear objectives for their social media marketing. They know they should be active in social media, but aren’t sure what their overarching goals are. Setting goals for your social media marketing strategy is essential, but it’s also important to consider how your efforts will complement the goals you’ve established for your business overall. Which of the following is not part of the social media marketing planning cycle?

One mistake many businesses make is going into social media marketing on an ad hoc basis. They fail to understand the proper strategies for the different platforms. Others simply hand over their business social accounts to a junior member of staff, assuming they’ll manage them in a thoughtful way. A social media marketing strategy is essential for every business, regardless of size or industry, and should be conducted in a systematic and thoughtful manner.

If you want to reach a younger audience, it’s essential that you use the demographics that correspond to your target market. For example, if you’re targeting Generation Z, you should hire the youngest employees possible to run your social channels. For a company aimed at homeowners, you’ll want to use the Facebook page of an existing home. A younger demographic will be more likely to be engaged with a company through a social media platform than a middle-aged executive.