what is integration marketing

What is Integration Marketing?

What is integration marketing? The term “Integration Marketing” refers to the strategic integration of a client’s (or potential client’s) requirements and business objectives with your existing, or soon to be, product and/or service. What this means for you as the marketer is that you have identified a need in the market and have the means to fill that need, by meeting or exceeding the client’s stated needs and buying point. In simple terms it is a process of identifying your customer, defining their wants and buying position, and then developing a relationship, a “cash pipeline”, based on those needs and buying points.

As a marketer, you know that the best way to grow your business is by increasing your customer base. And the best way to increase customer base is to provide value to them – both emotionally and monetarily. One way to provide true emotional value to a prospective client is to create a well-developed integrated marketing campaign that is anchored in strong value proposition. A good example of a strong value proposition could be “provide fast cash – no waiting”.

So now that we have established what an integrated marketing campaign is, how do we create one? We identify a problem in our market, and through a series of focused communications – which are designed to address the problem – we develop a response from the market that offers an answer to the underlying problem. For example, we might start with a TV commercial that expresses how our fast cash service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Next, a newspaper ad announcing our services can be found at the local supermarket. And finally, a radio commercial that expresses how easily our products are shipped to our customers’ homes.

The above example illustrates the process by which we develop an integrated marketing campaign. We identify a need, in our market, for a product or service, and then develop a solution based on our understanding of the problem. Next, we build an integrated marketing message around the solution, using multiple media to communicate to our audience. Finally, we distribute our solution to our customers using multiple channels to achieve the highest degree of response.

Of course, there are several other steps that go into developing an integrated marketing campaign. However, by avoiding repetition, the development process will go significantly more quickly. If you are not sure about what an integrated marketing strategy looks like, don’t hesitate to contact a marketing consultant. They can help guide you through the process and help you define your goals and objectives, as well as your integrated marketing message and strategy.

In summary: integrating a solution with a message is the core activity of an integrated marketing campaign. The key to making this happen is to understand the customer’s problem and address it. The process does not end after identifying the problem. Customers need to know where their problems are and what to do about them, but ultimately, they need to take action. This is what integration marketing is all about.