what is marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing what is internet marketing to you as a consumer or business owner can be somewhat confusing. Marketing is an ever changing field with new terms and jargon being introduced on a daily basis. Internet marketing has in recent times assumed the position of being the most lucrative of all online marketing strategies. Marketing what is internet marketing is a wide term and encompasses a lot of activities, some of which may well be familiar to you but many of which you might not have given much thought to before.

Internet marketing definitions are constantly being updated as new trends and technologies emerge. Trends in marketing are affected by the culture of marketers themselves, their ability to think creatively about marketing ideas, tools and methodologies, and the availability of quality resources. As more time is spent browsing, researching and exchanging information online marketers are also finding creative ways of categorizing, organizing and standardizing the vast amount of data available on the web. Marketing what is internet marketing to business marketers is all about gaining the best exposure for their products and services on the most popular website in the world. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Internet marketing consists of many activities. The primary purpose of internet marketing is to obtain high ranking for your products and services so that they appear on the initial pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The next step of an internet marketing strategy is to acquire and maintain that position. This can be achieved through paid advertising on websites like Google Adwords or through natural SEO methods like article marketing. Marketers also use other strategies like email marketing and affiliate marketing to promote the products and services offered by their businesses.

Internet marketing also involves activities like web content writing, lead generation, public relations and viral marketing. Content writing is an internet marketing technique that helps establish your credibility as an authority on a particular subject by creating original, relevant, interesting and informative articles to share with your subscribers. Article marketing targets the search engine optimization, or SEO, of websites. This technique involves the distribution of articles related to the product or service offered by the company to article directories such as EzineArticles. The article must be written to provide a useful content and provide back links to the companies main website. Public relations and viral marketing are techniques that spread awareness about the products and services provided by the business.

One must realize that public relations and viral marketing have a specific purpose in Internet marketing. Public relations promote and develop brand awareness. A good example of a PR agency is Ketchum, which has developed various programs that are designed to improve the image of its clients. Chief Executive Officer Richard Combs explained how public relations can be beneficial in Internet marketing:

“First, we want to build our brand. Next, we want to increase our market share. Finally, we want to expand our geographic presence. With those three goals in mind, we’ll be more successful as an Internet company if we plan and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a strategic plan, periodic performance reviews, and ongoing monitoring of our branding, technology and business goals.” – Richard Combs, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ketchum Communications