what is guerilla marketing

What is Guerilla Marketing?

What is guerilla marketing? According to Wikipedia: “A guerrilla (or g Wolfe) guerrilla campaign is an unexpected, asymmetric, and risky form of marketing that utilizes odd or unexpected interactions to promote a new product or service.” In short, guerilla marketing is an advertising strategy where a small business utilizes unusual and sometimes surprising interactions to promote a new product or service. The term has been popularized by the famous book by Jay Conrad Levinson. In his book, he advocates the use of guerilla tactics as a means of implementing marketing campaigns without exceeding the advertising budget. To many small businesses, this is the way to go when it comes to small-scale advertising and promotions.

To implement guerilla marketing successfully, a business should be willing to take risks. This way, you are able to promote products or services that your competitors are not offering and you can increase your brand awareness among a target audience that may not have heard of you before. However, there are a few guidelines and tips that one needs to follow before plunging into such unconventional marketing.

Ambush marketing takes place when a company ambushes its consumers and persuades them to purchase a particular product or buy a campaign. Since most consumers do not want to be trapped, they resist the pressure and remain unmoved. They may react violently or may just close their eyes when faced with such aggressive advertising. For this reason, companies that choose to implement ambush marketing should first know their audience, understand their feelings and employ techniques that will not aggravate them.

One of the most effective techniques that can be used to gain awareness for your products is the use of word of mouth. It can be done by any medium, including the Internet. A simple way to create buzz around a campaign is to post videos and audios on audiopress and other video sharing sites. People who watch these audios will most likely talk about it to their friends and this will create enough awareness about your brand to prompt them to visit your website and check out the products and services offered.

While this is just one of the many tactics that can be used in marketing, it is one of the oldest ones. guerrilla marketing has been used by brands since the beginning of time and even the corporate world has gotten into the act. This form of marketing was used by almost every successful brand that exists in the market.

One of the best ways to use guerilla marketing techniques effectively is to create an atmosphere that will make the audience feel comfortable. If you are promoting a product for a very specific audience, try to create an ambiance that is similar to their usual routine. You can also give them some freebies in order to create a sense of urgency. If you have never used this tactic before, it can be quite helpful to take a course or watch a video on the subject. The important thing is to keep your target audience in mind at all times and never forget to do your research.