what is product marketing

What Is Product Marketing?

What is product marketing? Product marketing is an effective strategic advertising function which bridges the gap between advertising and product management. The primary function of a product marketing manager is first to define and then size various value propositions and target markets. Other important responsibilities include market positioning, sales lead generation and activation. This article will help you understand more about the definition of product marketing.

A lot of marketers make the mistake of believing that what is product marketing is the process of bringing in new customers. As a matter of fact this is one of the most common mistakes of marketers who do not understand the value of advertising and the importance of creating an awareness of products and services. Marketing a product is actually the selling of a concept or idea to others. In order to sell a concept, one has to create the awareness or the bridge between customer and product. The person who sells has to do this through various means. One can use television commercials, magazine ads, radio ads, out of home advertising, flyers, brochures, booklets and even Internet marketing.

Another way in which marketers use what is product marketing is by creating and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy. In order to make a good strategy, a marketer must first have a clear understanding of what their product market is, and what customers perceive as value for money when purchasing their product. Once the product marketers have these two things decided then they can start developing their strategy. The development of a strategy is an integrated marketing effort that takes into consideration the essence of different disciplines such as advertising, sales, promotions and research.

Once a strategy is in place, it will guide the product marketer in creating a powerful message for the launch of the product. It will also involve testing the message with the actual target audience. Testing is an essential part of the entire marketing process and is very important in determining if a message is indeed effective or not.

The final component which makes up what is product marketing/SEM is the sales enablement. The sales team play a very important role in delivering the product to the end user. Sales enablement can be best understood by thinking about the activities that are undertaken on a day to day basis when selling a product. This includes calls, emails, faxes, webinars, telephonic and face to face interactions. The sales teams enablement activities enable the sales person to close a sale. This enables the company to realize a profit.

All the elements of what is product marketing are interwoven together to create a complete marketing campaign. Product development teams play a vital role in ensuring that all of the components of what is marketing are in place and working effectively. Product marketing examples will include the integration of new technologies, social media marketing, online advertising and other forms of interactive marketing.