what is the marketing mix

The Marketing Mix Definition and the Four C’s of Marketing Communications

“What is the Marketing Mix?” is one of the first questions many new companies ask themselves, because without an appropriate marketing mix you are destined for failure. The concept of the marketing mix is a framework for organizations, historically focused around price, product, location, and promotions. The marketing mix was first defined in 1985 by the European Commission when they introduced a new set of guidelines for competitive analysis. The marketing mix is now considered by many to be one of the most important elements in any effective advertising program.

A key part of the marketing mix is customer service, which allows your customers to feel that they are important and that you value them. Customer service encompasses many components including but not limited to: friendly email campaigns, a response to questions within 24 hours, an easy to use website, good customer support, an annual brand strategy and an entertainment program. When researching your competitor’s methods and strategies, be sure to pay close attention to their customer service strategies. If they offer a support line or if their customer service is very good – this is an indicator that they are on the right track.

Another key aspect of the marketing mix is promotion, which involves the different types of marketing strategies and methods. Promotion should engage and build customer loyalty. It should also create awareness of the organization, the products and services that it offers. Some of the common promotional methods include: coupons, discounts, direct mail, media advertising, word of mouth, television advertising, and radio advertising.

The last component of the marketing mix is placement, which deals with putting the right people in the right place. With so much competition, it is important to ensure that your product or service is placed in the right hands. Placement is often based on reputation. A well-known company will likely be placed in a higher position than a new start up, as the latter would have difficulty competing with well-established companies.

Now that you know the overall marketing mix definition, it is time to start thinking about implementing a new strategy. It is important to know the importance of the various components that make up your strategy. Remember to keep it simple and to utilize all of them. Brand yourself, be consistent, be diligent, use creativity, be predictable, build loyalty, engage, increase traffic, and maintain quality customer service.

These four c’s – communication, consistency, organization and consistency – are very important for creating a winning marketing mix. Once you implement your marketing communications mix definition, you will see your results start to speak for themselves. You will become more profitable, more recognized, more sought after, and more successful. There is no reason why you cannot start today to achieve these goals.