“I’m not going to hire someone because he or she is a member of an organization that I don’t agree with.” -Joe Gibbs, IBM “What we’re doing isn’t just about making money. It’s about building a community that values what we do and cares about what we’re going to do.” – Anne Sweeney, VP of marketing for AT&T

“If you want my business, you have to give me the reasons why I should hire you.” -Marketing Exec. for Microsoft, quoted in Fortune Magazine. -Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft

“I am not going to fire anyone who is good at service. Even though it may be unpopular advertised, our customers can tell the difference between good service and lousy service.” -GCI Conference Chair for Time Warner Cable, “It is a fact that people who use a telephone every day expect better quality and a more personal touch.” – Marriott CEO “I believe in service to a very great extent. People come to work in a personal relationship with their lineman and with a company that is able to supply excellent products and services.”

“My first rule of thumb is: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ My second rule of thumb is: ‘Never sell more than you need to buy.” -AT&T CEO “You cannot position yourself as a merchant to stand up on principles that are in conflict with the company’s long-term objectives.” -Starbucks CEO “When it comes to innovation, first look at what is new and then look at how it fits into your model. Everything you do, whether it is solving a problem or creating a concept, should be designed to enhance your company’s bottom line.”

“A successful service marketing program must be both comprehensive and flexible. It should not be designed to be solved only once. It should be flexible enough to allow organizations to respond to the changes in consumer behavior and in market conditions that affect their customers’ satisfaction with their product or service.” -NAB “Your customers should be able to count on you to take care of them.” -NCB “A strong customer relationship translates into customer loyalty, increased sales, and lower marketing and advertising costs.” -The Boston Consulting Group

Which of the following statements about service marketing is true? Service marketing is all about getting the most from your current customers while also appealing to the new customer base. If your company fails to recognize this critical aspect of its marketing strategy, it will quickly find that it has lost a tremendous amount of potential revenue. The right marketing communications firm can help ensure that all of the above statements about service marketing are true!