When talking about the marketing mix, what comes to your mind? Do you think of factors like positioning, branding, or company messaging? Perhaps you think of a combination of all three. Maybe you get it from others or even think about all three as vital elements in your marketing mix. Hopefully you do get it because you want to make sure your company’s brand is in place and has established a positive reputation on the web for your specific niche and/or industry.

which of the following would be considered when discussing the marketing mix variables

To start off with, you need to look at your market segment(s). Which of the following would be more likely to attract prospects to your website? The answer lies in knowing what your potential buyers need. If you’re targeting middle-aged female adults with household incomes of around five hundred dollars a month then the answer is marketing mix variables like building your list, social media marketing, or even search engine optimization.

Your next consideration would have to be positioning. What is your company’s “voice” on the web? Your brand is represented by the products and/or services you offer. By mapping out your company’s online presence, you will determine what portion of the web should be covered by your articles, blogs, websites, etc. This will help you establish your brand’s voice and position online. It may also be a good idea to hire a SEO and marketing firm to assist you in this process.

Lastly would be brand messaging. Brand messaging describes how your product or service really works, what it is made of, and what it says about your business. So depending on what products and services you are marketing, which of the following would be more likely to attract prospects? Your marketing mix is dependent upon the type of products and services you offer.

The final consideration would be your website. If you are looking to market online, your website will need to include search engine optimization and other factors that will boost traffic to your site. Your website will be the “brick and mortar” of your marketing mix. Many firms have found success by hiring a SEO and marketing firm that will optimize their website, blog, and other promotional tools to draw traffic to their site.

The marketing mix variable “which of the following would be considered when discussing the marketing mix variables?” In order to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, you must ensure that all of the elements mentioned above fall into place. This will allow you to obtain a solid online presence that attracts prospects and customers. For example, do you have an online blog? If you don’t have a blog, then you should definitely consider creating one today. The blog is the perfect vehicle for sharing information about your firm and the services you provide as well as an excellent way to promote your company to your customers!