what is social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing? 3 Strategies to Make Your Brand Popular

What is Social Media Marketing? Is it a marketing channel? What is SEO Marketing? These are just some of the questions that arise when one starts to think about these new internet marketing strategies. Although the terms’ digital advertising and e-advertising are quite dominant in academic circles, social marketing is quickly becoming popular for researchers and practitioners alike.

Marketing your brand using social channels has evolved since the dawn of the internet era. In earlier years, the marketing strategy focused on traditional channels like radio, TV and print ads. However, as these media became more saturated with advertisements, they lost the ability to attract the viewer attention. Viewers got distracted by advertisements that were not relevant to their needs. Therefore, advertising costs increased and brand visibility and loyalty eroded drastically.

Social media marketing addresses this issue in two ways. The first strategy focuses on providing information relevant to the audience about your brand, products and services. It helps build trust and credibility of your brand. In essence, this strategy is an extension of your advertising campaign. You update your followers on your latest activities and announce special offers and sales on your pages or through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Secondly, this strategy leverages the power of social channels to increase your online visibility and relevance thereby enhancing your online advertising costs. You can use various social media channels to achieve this end. For example, you can use YouTube to create video ads, which will show up on YouTube’s main page and other video sites like Vimeo. This strategy takes advantage of the fact that most people use YouTube for entertainment and social purposes.

In addition, you can also increase your online presence by creating a presence on other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can do this by creating relevant profiles in these social channels and engaging in conversations with your audience. You can then share valuable information about your brand through these platforms and connect with your target audience. This strategy has the potential to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and thereby increase your online advertising costs.

The third strategy is all about attracting your audience and building relationships. For this, you need to identify your target audience and set up profiles in relevant platforms. Then, interact with them and share valuable information about your brand. Engage with your audience and they will return the favor. Thus, this form of media allows you to not only enhance your brand but also increase your brand’s visibility and loyalty in the market.